hen someone first asked me...."What is the most famous poker game of all time?"....my mind flashed back to recollect an image of a poker game that everyone knows...."The Dogs" I responded..."The Dogs Playing Poker!"

I was partly right, that is the most famous painting of a poker game. In 2005, the original fetched $590,000 at public auction...but it's certainly NOT THE MOST FAMOUS GAME!

Most people agree that the most famous game took place August 2, 1876 in Deadwood...and was the last hand played by Wild Bill Hickok.

While several attempts have been made to recreate the scene for movies, television and magazine illustration, few have set fancy and artistic license aside in favour of accuracy.

The idea of doing this print first came to Jim Fisher, a well known Western Canadian publisher and print dealer. Mr. Fisher owns Fish Creek Military Prints Ltd. Over the years, he has worked closely with Ken Dewar, a noted Canadian fine art teacher at the Alberta College of Art and a modern day master in his own right.

This dramatic re-creation was painstakenly researched. The cards, coins, bottle, glasses, even the decor are exact to time and period. You can hear the coins hit the table and feel the intense focus of Wild Bill's eyes as he calls...completely unaware that Jack McCall is about to end the game...and snuff out the life of one of the Old West's most colorful characters.

Just check the fine detail....

It is clearly our intent to promote this painting and hopefully adorn the walls of every major poker room in North America. This is truly a piece of American gaming history.

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